Research is an integral part of our three-year Gastroenterology Fellowship Program at Lankenau Medical Center. Each fellow will have participated in one year of clinical or bench research. Each fellow is expected to publish at least one article in a peer-reviewed journal during his/her fellowship. Additional publications are also encouraged. There is a monthly research conference during which research projects are discussed.

  • Basic science and clinical research is encouraged.
  • The fellows are exposed to basic science research at the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research. Basic science lectures are given by onsite instructors as well as guest speakers.
  • Joint research projects are arranged with other departments at Lankenau Medical Center which have active research programs and fellowship programs.
  • At least one clinical/basic science research paper is expected from each fellow during their fellowship program. Fellows are given ample dedicated research time in order to procure such a paper. The fellows review their research project on an informal basis monthly with the attending physician they are doing the research paper with and at least twice a year with the program director.