The decision to pursue a career in the management of cardiovascular disease is a major decision in your life. The great variety of tools available in the evaluation and treatment of cardiovascular disease provides cardiologists many options as to the type of practice to pursue. The day-to-day work of a clinical cardiologist, interventionalist, electrophysiologist, director of a non-invasive (echocardiography or nuclear) laboratory, and a vascular specialist are more diverse than in any other medical specialty. I trust your decision will provide you with an exciting career choice, one you will not regret.

I believe Lankenau Medical Center offers unique opportunities for learning one’s craft. Patient care represents a nice mix of both primary and tertiary care at our institution. The hospital serves a large community with patients presenting initially to Lankenau with acute coronary syndromes, congestive heart failure and arrhythmias. You can refine your skills in the evaluation and treatment with common disorders you will see in your clinical practice.

At the same time, Lankenau Medical Center serves as a referral base for complex cardiac disorders (e.g., ruptured ventricular septal defect, cardiothoracic surgery, incessant ventricular tachycardia, arrhythmia service, transplant evaluation, heart failure service). This combination broadens your clinical training. One-on-one inpatient and outpatient preceptor sessions with our faculty will assess growth of your clinical skills. Clinical decision making by the fellow in training is emphasized.

Our faculty also strive to enrich your knowledge base in cardiovascular disease. Near daily conferences at a fellow level are held. Core curriculum lectures, audience response review sessions, subspecialty conferences and EKG teaching conferences help prepare fellows to score well on the certification exam as well as develop a large core-knowledge base to build upon in future practice with evidence-based learning techniques learned during fellowship training. Teaching skills by the fellows are also developed.

Lankenau Medical Center’s commitment to research is strong, both in clinical and bench research areas. Our fellows and faculty participate in a multitude of ongoing clinical research trials in all phases of cardiovascular disease. The Lankenau Institute of Medical Research is comprised of many world-renowned PhD basic scientists working in areas including endothelial cell function and myocardial cell repolarization. The Research Center provides a great resource for cardiovascular fellows in training.

My goal is to have you graduate our fellowship training program as a:

  • Seasoned clinician with a humanistic approach to patient care
  • Board certified cardiovascular specialist with a strong knowledge basis and to practice learning techniques to keep you up-to-date
  • Author of publications in the cardiovascular area with a lifelong interest in participating in ongoing research
  • Teacher for future cardiovascular specialists
  • Recognized expert in your proficiency of procedural skills

Good luck in your career!

James F. Burke, MD
Director, Cardiovascular Diseases Fellowship
Designated Institutional Officer
Graduate Medical Education, Lankenau Medical Center