Prepared childbirth series (Oct 18 and Oct 21)

6:30 PM ET To 8:30 PM ET
Oct 18 2021

This class is part of a two-part series that meets October 18 and October 21, 2021, 6:30–8:30 pm.

This online Prepared Childbirth two-part series program is part of Main Line Health’s Virtual Childbirth Education opportunities. Topics will include understanding labor, comfort measures, epidural anesthesia, vaginal and Cesarean birth, and post-partum care. There will be opportunity for question and answer with a Main Line Health Childbirth Educator.

We are offering you access to the Injoy - Understanding Birth learning app. This app is not available in your app store. The Injoy learning app is an at-home learning opportunity that complements our webinar presentation material. Please provide your name, due date and which Main Line Health hospital you are anticipating delivering with to Mary at [email protected]. We will provide you directions and a unique code for accessing the app.

In order to have enough time to complete the presentation and to answer all your questions, the program will begin promptly at the start time listed.

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