Bereavement support group for loss of loved ones

Media 6:00 PM ET To 7:00 PM ET
Dec 17 2019

Join us for this free community bereavement group for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. This is a safe environment where grief topics will be discussed and support from facilitators and group members will be given to all.

Note to newcomers: Please call ahead to confirm the meeting is occurring as scheduled.

For more information on the bereavement support group, call 484.227.3212.

This event is held on the second floor in Suite 210 of Health Center 1. To get to Suite 210: Enter through the front doors of the hospital. Go straight past the main elevators to the main hallway and then turn right. Follow to the first open hallway on your left, then turn left. At the hallway split, go to the right toward Health Center 1. At the end of the ramp, take the elevator up to the second floor and continue to Suite 210.

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