Prepared childbirth series (three week)

Media 7:00 PM ET To 9:00 PM ET Remaining Seats: 10 Cost: 108
Dec 16 2019

Classes focus on both the physical and emotional aspects of labor and delivery, with emphasis on breathing and relaxation techniques. The instructor will discuss: the natural progression of labor and delivery; coping strategies for labor, including medication and anesthesia options; the role of support person; and the possibility of cesarean birth. A tour of the maternity unit will be provided; children are not permitted to class or the tour.

This three-week class is offered to those expecting their first baby or those who have never attended childbirth classes. It is recommended to take this class in the seventh month of pregnancy.

When registering, please use the mother’s name only and date of birth. One registry per couple.

Class size is limited so please register early. No children permitted. Please bring snacks, drinks, a small pillow (if you would like to have it for comfort), and wear comfortable clothing. Please arrive a few minutes prior to the start of class.

Childbirth education classes are offered to clients delivering their baby at a Main Line Health hospital: Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr, Paoli and Riddle hospitals. Some classes are not offered at all locations. For a full list of class offerings (including registration dates) please be sure to include all locations in your search for classes.

Registration fees for Main Line Health maternity education programs may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance plan. Please check you plan benefits for more information.

This event will be held in Conference Room 1 of the Administrative Annex. To get to Annex conference room: Drive onto the Riddle Hospital campus through the main entrance. As you drive onto campus, there is a small brick building on your left. This is the Administrative Annex. This building also houses our Thrift Shop. Drive around to the back of the building. Parking is available in the back. The conference room door is under the awning. If parking is not available in the back of the annex, you can park in the front lot of the hospital and walk over.

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