Low vision presentation

Bryn Mawr 10:00 AM ET To 11:00 AM ET Remaining Seats: 24 Cost: 0
May 29 2019

A presentation led by Lindy Fischer, occupational therapy advanced clinician, that will provide information about low vision: what can be done about it, where to get more information, and simple home adaptations for low vision. After attending this presentation you will be able to do the following:

  • Identify signs that may signal vision loss
  • Define low vision and vision rehabilitation
  • Outline what you can do if you have low vision
  • List questions that are good to ask an eye care professional and/or specialist in low vision
  • Identify simple self-care and home modifications for low vision
This event will be held in Conference Room A on the lower level. This course is NOT in Bryn Mawr Hospital but two blocks away.