Advanced comfort measures

Wynnewood 6:30 PM ET To 8:30 PM ET Remaining Seats: 7 Cost: 48
Apr 15 2019

This interactive one-session class will be discussing comfort measures, beyond breathing and relaxation that are taught during one-day, two-week accelerated and three-week prepared childbirth classes. Topics to be discussed and practiced will include birth balls, massage and pressure points, hot and cold therapies, and additional positions and non-medical techniques for comfort and aiding in the progression of labor and birth. Class participants are encouraged to bring two bed pillows, a hand or bath towel and a birth ball to class.

This class is in addition to the basics taught during prepared childbirth classes. Completion at a one-day, two-week accelerated or three-week prepared childbirth class, or having given birth within the last five years is a pre-requisite to attending this class. Basic breathing and relaxation techniques are not taught during this class.

Childbirth education classes are offered to clients delivering their baby at a Main Line Health hospital: Lankenau Medical Center, Bryn Mawr, Paoli and Riddle hospitals. Some classes are not offered at all locations. For a full list of class offerings (including registration dates) please be sure to include all locations in your search for classes.

Registration fees for Main Line Health maternity education programs may be eligible for reimbursement from your insurance plan. Please check you plan benefits for more information.

This event will be held in Room 101AB of the Annenburg Center. To get to Room 101AB Park in Lot A and then take elevator to first floor. Exit elevator and turn left to enter the Annenberg Center. Room 101AB is on the first floor. If you are not parking, entrance to the Annenberg Center is to the left of the hospital’s main entrance (facing the front of the hospital).