Stretch your limits exercise program

Bryn Mawr 12:00 PM ET To 1:00 PM ET SEE DESCRIPTION
Feb 15 2018

This program consists of a light aerobic warm-up, strength training with elastic tubing and dumbbells, and balance training and stretching with modified yoga and chair tai chi to help reduce your risk and fear of falls. Please bring your own dumbbells.

Classes are year-round; no registration is required. Release form can be signed the day of the class. Fees: $5.00 per class (pay as you go); $9.00 to purchase resistance tube.

Note, there will be a holiday party after class on Monday, December 12, 2016.

For more information, contact Lonnie Sebastian, MSN, RNC, ACSM certified exercise specialist and registered yoga instructor at or 484.337.5206.

This event is held in Conference Room F which is on the second floor in E Wing. To get there, take the elevator from the Warden Lobby to the second floor, then turn left.

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