Main Line Health’s annual Employee Giving Campaign runs May through June 2.

Our participation is a wonderful opportunity to make an even greater impact on the care we deliver each day.

Click here to make your PeopleSoft payroll deduction pledge now. From the left-hand menu, select MLH Employee Giving Election, and follow the instructions for making your gift.

Funds raised directly benefit patient care, with 100 percent of your donation going toward the program you choose to support.

Last year, 2,372 employees donated $463,115 to programs and services to benefit our patients. The 2017 goal is set at 2,450 participants. “When we collectively invest our personal resources in Main Line Health, it inspires others to back the good work we do with their charitable gifts,” said Ken Kirby, senior vice president, development.

Campaign pledge forms are being mailed to all employees this week. To make a gift by check or credit card, mail back the paper pledge form in the enclosed business reply envelope. You can also print the pledge form online.

Please call 580.4195 or email Abbie Mahala with questions.

Thank you for your generous support!

Previous campaign results



  • 2,497 employees donated
  • $507,103 total given
  • 88 committee members


  • 2,334 employees donated
  • $426,030 total given
  • 86 committee members


  • 2,240 employees donated
  • $419,209 total given
  • 83 committee members


  • 1,967 employees donated
  • $400,152 total given
  • 82 committee members