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Patricia Luner
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The department of obstetrics and gynecology at Lankenau Medical Center has been teaching the third-year CORE curriculum to Jefferson’s junior medical students for more than 30 years. Our faculty and residents are committed to teaching students, who readily become part of the OB/GYN team, function at a high level, and uniformly report a positive experience.

The students experience will include:

  • Performing history and physicals
  • Write progress notes and orders
  • Assisting in deliveries
  • Assisting with gynecology surgeries
  • Attending obstetric/gynecology clinic sessions

Clinical experience

Students will be assigned to the following services during there rotation:

  • Gynecology – Surgeries while on this service will take place in both the Ambulatory Procedure Center (APC), and main OR. You will have exposure to major abdominal, laparoscopic and vaginal surgery. You have the opportunity to assist not only senior residents but also private faculty, thereby witnessing different operative techniques. You are expected to be knowledgeable of the patient’s history, diagnosis and impending procedure.
  • Obstetrics – You will not only be responsible for labor and delivery patients but also those on the mother baby unit. The resident who is covering the “board” will be supervising you on this service. You will also have guidance from our advance practice nursing staff. While on this service you will have ample exposure to both normal and high risk deliveries. You will also see a variety of delivery methods including vacuum, forceps and cesarean sections.
  • Outpatient Clinic Care Center – During your time in the Clinical Care Center you will have exposure to the ob/gyn and family planning clinics. The residents and attending faculty will supervise and teach the student during your time here. You will observe a variety of obstetric and gynecologic conditions—from normal through high risk obstetrics and from routine annual GYN exams through serious gynecologic pathology requiring medical and surgical intervention.
  • Night Float – During your week on this service you are the only OB/GYN student and will cover the entire house for OB/GYN issues just as the night float residents do. The majority of your time will be spent on labor and delivery as obstetrics is a 24-hours per day service. You will also gain experience seeing patients with the residents in the emergency room. These visits to the ER could be a consult or possible emergent surgery. Like the residents, students on night float are considered to be on a shift and stay up all night. Night float begins on Sunday night at 6:00 pm–7:30 am Monday and from Monday to Thursday evenings begin at 5:30 pm–7:30 am.


Mandatory attendance is required at:

  • Daily sign in
  • Weekly department meetings (held every Wednesday morning except in August)
  • The residents academic conferences (held every Friday morning)
  • Student lectures given by members of the Lankenau faculty
  • Jefferson Friday afternoon lecture series

Conferences, lectures and rounds take precedence over all other duties. Students are responsible for all material given in conferences whether or not they attend.

Work hours

Typically your day will begin at 5:45 am and end at 6:00 pm after sign out. Always touch base with the resident on your service about your responsibilities.

Call outs

You are only permitted to be off for two days during this six-week block. You MUST inform Jefferson, the resident on your service and Patricia Luner of your absence.