Thank you for your interest in continuing your career with Main Line Health.

The recruitment team has created this document to make you aware of the process we follow regarding internal transfers.

In order to be eligible for an internal transfer:

  1. You cannot have an active corrective intervention (Orange Level) in the last six months as it would prevent you from being able to transfer. If you are not eligible, you will be notified via phone or email.
  2. As stated in the policy Transfer Within Main Line Health: “All employees, regardless of employment status, are eligible to apply for a transfer or promotion after 15 months in his/her present position. Exceptions may be made based upon individual facts and circumstances and decided by the employee’s manager and human resources.” If there are extenuating circumstances regarding your need to transfer prior to 15 months, you must obtain approval from your current manager and human resources prior to applying. This approval will need to be sent to the appropriate recruiter from your manager via email.
  3. Your most recent evaluation rating must be a three or above.

When you apply for an internal transfer, you must attach an updated resume to your application to be considered.

You will receive an email once your application has been submitted to confirm receipt. To check the status of your application, you can log into the career portal the same way you applied.

Seven-day rule/priority period

As stated in the Transfer Within Main Line Health policy: “Main Line Health has determined that the first seven days of a system posted position will be defined as the priority period. This period enables internal applicants the opportunity to indicate their interest. While positions may be posted externally, no offers will be extended until completion of this period.”

Once a position is posted seven days, the recruiter will review internal candidates who have applied to determine eligibility and qualifications for the position. Your employee file including performance evaluations and disciplinary actions will be reviewed at that time. Your application will either be forwarded onto the hiring manager for review or you will be notified via email that you were not selected to move forward in the process.

Interview process

If you are selected to interview, a member of the recruitment team will contact you to schedule an interview for further review and consideration.

After completion of all interviews, you will be notified via phone or email as to the hiring manager’s decision.

Once identified as a top candidate, your recruiter will notify you regarding the details of a potential offer. If interested, we will request your approval to reach out to your current manager to obtain an internal reference. You must reach out to your current manager first to discuss your intentions and make them aware that they will be receiving a request for an internal reference via email. Recruitment will not reach out for the internal reference until you have confirmed that you have discussed this potential opportunity with your current manager.

If a positive internal reference is given by your current manager:

  1. Your recruiter will extend a formal offer of employment and make you aware of any additional requirements that need to be met.
  2. Once you verbally accept the formal offer; you will need to accept the transfer electronically. Please remember to print your offer and any attachments for your records. If you are unable to do so at the time or forget to print, please contact your recruiter to request additional copies.
  3. Recruitment will ask your current manager to work with the new manager to determine an effective date for your transfer.

If a positive reference is not given by your current manager, this information will be discussed with the new manager and human resources. If a decision is made to move forward in the process, then steps A, B and C above will apply. If the decision is made not to pursue your candidacy based on the reference, your recruiter will notify you via phone.

Please remember that it can take some time for the process to be completed depending upon several factors including how many applications are received. You can check the status of your application at any time by logging into the career portal.

Current job postings for internal candidates

If you are a current Main Line Health employee and applying for an internal transfer, please click below to view our current employee postings.

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