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WATCH: Safe and natural sleep aids

Mirmont Treatment Center September 6, 2018 Sleep

Sleep is as fundamental to our overall health and well-being as eating a well-balanced diet and getting daily physical activity. Sleep affects everything from mood and memory to weight gain and our immune system. So, when you’re not getting enough sleep, it can take a significant toll—and relying on sleep medications can be dangerous.

During a recent Facebook Live chat, Linda Solomons, pain management specialist at Mirmont Treatment Center, part of Main Line Health, discussed safe and effective alternatives to over-the-counter and prescription sleep medication. In the video below, Solomons discussed methods like meditation, journaling, prayer, essential oils and more.

While occasional loss of sleep is usually nothing to be concerned about, you may have a sleep disorder if you regularly have trouble falling or staying asleep. Learn more about how to tell if you’re suffering from a sleep disorder.

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