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'A letter to myself': A reminder for parents

Main Line Health Newtown Square March 2, 2015 General Wellness By Elizabeth Bland, MSW, LCSW

Dear me,

Parenthood is the most wonderful—yet periodically overwhelming—job in the world. It does not come with a manual or instruction booklet. In an effort to be kind to myself as I navigate through what is best for my family and me, I will consider the following:

  • I will not try to be Wonder Woman or Super Man. They are cartoon characters and I am a real person. It is impossible for me to do every thing, every day.
  • I will be easier on myself. When things do not go as planned, I will not issue blame and not beat myself up about it.
  • I will forgive myself for not being perfect because the reality is that no one is perfect.
  • I will stop comparing myself to my friends and others I meet. I will remember we are all individuals. I will remember that just because someone looks “pulled together” on the outside does not mean that they are.
  • I will give myself credit for doing the hardest job on the planet and for making the best decisions I can make in the moment.
  • I will recognize my strengths and give myself praise.
  • When I feel overwhelmed I will take a deep breath, try to remain in the moment, and silently ask myself, “Will this matter a year from now?”
  • I will ask for help when I need it. I will remember there is more strength and power in asking for help than suffering in silence.

With Love,

Liz Bland is the program manager at the Women’s Emotional Wellness Center (WEWC) which provides outpatient mental health therapy and psychiatric services for women and their families. The center specializes in the period before, during and after pregnancy or adoption, but also accepts individuals—including fathers, grandparents and other caregivers—for counseling and psychiatric services. The WEWC accepts most commercial insurance plans and Medicare. For more articles like these, and to connect with other local parents, join the WEWC Facebook group.