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Main Line Health offers breastfeeding support services for women

Main Line Health Newtown Square September 4, 2014 General Wellness

Television, movies, parenting books, even advice from friends can make breastfeeding seem simple. But for some new mothers, breastfeeding isn’t without its hurdles and complications.

“Although some women are able to breastfeed successfully, there are many women who face challenges as they try to breastfeed,” says Deena Newman, PsyD, psychotherapist at the Women’s Emotional Wellness Center (WEWC). “For a new mom, that experience of not being able to breastfeed as easily as they’d expected can be discouraging.”

The challenges women experience can be numerous and range from anything to too much or too little milk supply to painful feedings to feeling anxiety over a place to nurse when they are outside the home. Regardless of what you’re facing, Newman reminds mothers to remember: it’s not your fault, and you’re not alone.

There are a number of community resources available to offer support to women who are struggling with breastfeeding challenges or concerns. Main Line Health hospitals and the WEWC, located at the Main Line Health Newtown Square, are among them.

WEWC is home to a team of experienced professionals, including psychiatrists and therapists who work specifically with women and their families, who are qualified to provide emotional support to women who struggle with the emotional challenges that arise with parenting, including breastfeeding.

“I’m proud of the services we provide at the WEWC, especially the emotional support around breastfeeding for mothers,” says Liz Bland, program director. “It can often be a challenging process for women, and moms so often blame themselves when issues arise. We want to help these women realize that it’s not their fault, and offer them the support they need.”

In addition, all four Main Line Health hospitals offer a number of breastfeeding support services to women, including lactation and breastfeeding support after delivery and in the weeks following baby’s arrival and a regular breastfeeding mothers’ group with other local moms. The opportunity to gather with local women who may be undergoing the same problems and who can offer solutions can help new moms feel less alone in their breastfeeding struggles.

Visit our website to learn more about Main Line Health lactation services.