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Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital renames distracted driving program

Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital August 22, 2014 Inside Main Line Health

Cruisin' Smart™ is an award-winning program developed and sponsored by Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation Hospital. Formerly known as Cruisin’ Not Boozin’® (CNB), Cruisin’ Smart launches the program into its 25th year with a new look and new message all within the same amazing programming.  The decision to change the program’s name comes from hospital administrators and input from our school administrators, who felt that the Cruisin’ not Boozin’ program title did not accurately convey all of the risks present to today’s teens behind the wheel.

“Cruisin’ not Boozin’ has been an incredibly successful and impactful program, but we felt as though the title left out so many other risks, like texting and driving, driving under the influence of drugs, and other multitasking behaviors like talking on the phone or eating while driving,” explains Betsy Dwyer, Cruisin’ Smart program coordinator. “By changing the name of the program to Cruisin’ Smart, we’re addressing all of these issues and encouraging young drivers to use good judgment in every situation on the road.”

Cruisin’ Smart is the only regional program that offers a peer-to-peer approach to counseling students about the dangers of distracted and impaired driving. Young speakers, some of whom are former patients, who have been affected by DUI or distracted driving—mentally, physically, and emotionally—visit schools to talk to students about the life-altering and long-term effects of unsafe driving. These true-life tragedies bring students face-to-face with the consequences.

Although the program’s name has changed, its mission remains the same: to educate teenagers and young adults about the risks of distracted and impaired driving. Visit our website to learn more about Cruisin’ Smart or to book a visit from a Cruisin’ Smart speaker.