Dear Employees, Job-Seekers, Vendors, Patients and Neighbors:

Main Line Health is proud to offer caring, high quality service to all who rely on our Hospitals, home care, and other health programs. We want to be known, however, as more than just a great healthcare provider. With more than a century of tradition and excellence behind us, the men and women who make up Main Line Health are committed to creating a culture that welcomes and embraces the diverse backgrounds and traditions of our employees and the patients we serve. We know that the differences and similarities of our workforce at Main Line Health enrich the patient experience and distinguish us as a high performing organization.

At Main Line Health, diversity means viewing each person as an individual and respecting the unique talents, experiences and contributions they bring to our organization. Main Line Health is dedicated to creating an environment of inclusiveness which is apparent to everyone who comes to us for care, to everyone who works or volunteers here, and to everyone with whom we do business.

The nature of this effort requires us to recognize that we all interrelate—caregiver to patient, patient to employee, employee to vendor, just to name a few—in a web of connectedness and caring which is part of Main Line Health's culture as an organization. Diversity and inclusion strengthen that web and make Main Line Health, and our community, better.

This is a worthy effort, and one that deserves our hard work and perseverance. I hope you will join me, and everyone at Main Line Health, in making our care and concern for each individual clear to them and clear to the entire community. 


Jack Lynch, President and CEO

Main Line Health