Bryn Mawr Hospital Opens Comprehensive Breast Center

Saturday, January 24, 2004

A new Outpatient Imaging Center also opens in Founder’s Bank Building

The Comprehensive Breast Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital, staffed by the area’s leading breast experts and featuring the latest technology in breast imaging, opens on Monday, February 2, 2004 on the first floor of the Founder’s Bank Building, 101 S. Bryn Mawr Avenue. Adjoining the Breast Center is a new Outpatient Imaging Center housing a GE LightSpeed 16 slice CT Scanner, the most advanced cat scan technology available for highly detailed images of the body, state of the art ultrasound, and outpatient radiology services. The freestanding Centers offer ample parking at a convenient location across the street from the hospital.

The Breast Center is under the medical direction of noted surgical oncologist Thomas G. Frazier, MD, FACS. Radiologist John Stassi, MD, is director of Breast Imaging and Eileen Morgans, RN, BSN, serves as the Center’s Breast Care Coordinator. A dedicated team of cancer specialists at Bryn Mawr Hospital backs the Center’s coordinated approach to breast health, including radiologists who are dedicated to providing breast imaging.  

Highlighting the Center’s technology are two state-of-the-art digital mammography units.  The GE SenographerÒ digital system records images of the breast digitally rather than on film. The results can be manipulated by the radiologist to clarify areas of the breast, especially near the skin line, the chest wall and in women with dense breast tissue. The digital mammography system is used with the ImageCheckerÒ Digital Computer Aided Detection (CAD) system. The ImageChecker is a “second pair of eyes,” that helps draw the radiologist’s attention to possible abnormities and increases the cancer detection rate.

The Breast Center offers a comfortable and supportive setting in which to access a wide range of services, from routine screening mammograms and treatment consultations, to prevention and risk assessment education. The breast care coordinator will guide women in accessing medical care and assist patients and their families through the diagnosis and treatment of breast disease. She will also help them access specialists and services. 

“The concept of the center is to address any concern a woman may have about her breast health in the shortest period of time possible,” explained Dr. Frazier. “We’ll offer women a seamless trip through this maze of ‘What do I do next? Where do I go next? How do I find out what’s going on?’”

According to Dr. Stassi, a woman with an active breast problem would receive results of her mammogram the same day.  If the mammogram confirms an abnormality, which requires a biopsy or aspiration for diagnosis, further testing will be performed, and the patient will have definitive results sooner. “Through the integration of services at the Breast Center we will be able to shorten considerably the time between discovering an abnormality on an examination and reaching a diagnosis,” he explained. 

Other breast health services include testing for osteoporosis (dexascan), breast MRI, and ultrasound-guided and stereotactic breast biopsies. Ductal lavage is available for women who are at high risk. There are seven private changing rooms in the Breast Center. Four dedicated to mammography, two for the ultrasound and stereotactic procedures, and one for dexascan services.

The Comprehensive Breast Center is a culmination of Bryn Mawr’s highly regarded clinical expertise, longstanding reputation as the leader for breast health care in the Main Line area, and a demonstrated community need. Statistics indicate an increasing demand for breast care within the hospital’s service area. The rate of breast cancer in this community is approximately 20 percent higher than the national average, and the population of women ages 44 to 66—those needing annual screening mammograms because of increased risk for breast cancer—is expected to increase by more than 13 percent in the next five years.

To schedule a mammogram the Comprehensive Breast Center call 484-337-4400. To contact the Breast Care Coordinator call 484-337-8744. To schedule radiology services through the Outpatient Imaging Center, call 484-337-8700.

Thomas G. Frazier, MD
As medical director of the Comprehensive Breast Center, Dr. Frazier will direct all clinical activities for the Center and provide leadership for programming initiatives. Dr. Frazier has a distinguished career in surgical oncology. His many accomplishments include the first immediate breast reconstruction in the Philadelphia region, allowing women undergoing mastectomy to maintain a natural appearance of the breast. He has helped to pioneer several innovative biopsy techniques including sentinel node mapping reducing the need for more extensive surgery, and ductal lavage and ductospcopy for early detection. He is actively involved in clinical research and serves as principle investigator to the National Surgical adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project.

John Stassi, MD
As director of Breast Imaging, Dr. Stassi will oversee all radiology services for the Breast Center including mammography, breast MRI and ultrasound-guided and stereotactic mammotome breast biopsies. As a breast-imaging specialist, he is particularly skilled at performing minimally-invasive breast biopsies as an alternative to conventional surgical biopsy. Dr. Stassi incorporates advanced diagnostic tools, including computer-aided detection to accurately detect breast cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage. Dr. Stassi has written and lectured on breast imaging, and is an instructor for Bryn Mawr Hospital’s Radiology resident training program in breast imaging. 

Eileen Ann Morgans, RN, BSN
As Breast Care Coordinator, Eileen focuses on the coordination and delivery of health care services to patients, assisting them in accessing specialists and supportive care. As a former clinical research specialist, she has been involved in numerous research initiatives, helping patients explore new treatment options and ways to improve their health. Her background includes an emphasis on clinical management and patient care in hematology/oncology. She earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Widener University and is a member of the Oncology Nursing Society.

Published: 1-24-2004

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