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  1. 5 Home Safety Threats You Might Overlook

    For safety's sake, look through your home often. Keep an eye out for not-so-obvious hazards.

  2. 6 Vital Nutrients Women May Be Missing

    Here are nutrients that women are often deficient in, either because they lose too much of a nutrient, don't get enough of a nutrient, or both.

  3. 7 Ways to Avoid Colds and the Flu

    You don't want to spend this winter battling a runny nose, a nagging cough or a fever. Here's what to do.

  4. A Good Walk Can Make You Young

    Walking is one of the best and easiest exercises someone can do.

  5. A Must-Know Guide to Drug-Drug Interactions

    Drug-drug interactions occur when one drug interacts or interferes with another drug. Such interactions are dangerous because they can alter the way one or both of the drugs act in the body. They can also cause unexpected side effects. The following information can help you avoid drug-drug interactions.

  6. A Prescription for Good Health

    For long-lasting health and well being, stay physically active, challenge your mind and stay involved with others.

  7. A Prescription for Health in Menopause
  8. A Simple Way to Keep the Flu Away

    You can avoid the flu this season by taking one simple step: Get a flu vaccination.

  9. A Winter Cold: Not Inevitable

    Although colds cannot be prevented -- or cured -- you can take precautions to reduce the chance of infection.

  10. Adult Immunizations: Are You Up-To-Date?

    Immunizations aren't just for children. Adults need immunizations, too. Ask your doctor which of the following shots you may need.

  11. AIDS Prevention Is Still Important

    New drug treatments can delay the effects of AIDS and are helping patients live longer. But the reality is that no medicine can cure AIDS or the virus that causes it, HIV. Once inside the body, HIV destroys immune system cells, making it difficult to fight off illness.

  12. Air Filters, Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

    Here are some helpful tips for understanding the air in your house and the air-quality appliances that can alter it.

  13. Air Pollution Can Break Your Heart

    Most people know air pollution can hurt your lungs and make it tough to breathe. But a growing body of research shows air pollution can be as bad or worse for your heart.

  14. All About Sunscreen

    If you're confused by the numbers and types of sunscreen, welcome to the club. Many Americans, it seems, are so confused by sunscreens that they don't even use them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that only about 30 percent of adults regularly use sunscreen.

  15. Answers to Questions About HPV

    Learning about HPV can help you avoid infection and seek treatment, if necessary.

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