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  1. Folic Acid Supplements Don’t Affect Your Risk for Cancer

    < Jan. 30, 2013 > -- Many of us get enough folic acid - a type of B vitamin - from the foods we eat. But some people may need to take a folic acid supplement. There has been some concern that such supplements may increase a person's risk for cancer. But the findings from a new research review found no such cancer connection.

  2. More Children Missing Recommend Vaccines

    < Jan. 23, 2013 > -- Vaccinations have helped stem and even stop the spread of serious childhood diseases, such as measles and polio. They continue to be one of the best tools parents have to keep their children healthy. Yet, a new study suggests that too few U.S. children younger than age 2 are receiving all the shots they need.

  3. Depression May Raise Risk for Early Death in Stroke Survivors

    < Jan. 16, 2013 > -- It's normal to feel a little blue from time to time. But when feelings of sadness take over, it may be depression, a serious mental health condition that can affect all aspects of a person's life . For people who have suffered a stroke, depression may be especially harmful. A new study suggests stroke survivors who develop depression may die sooner.

  4. Better Communication with Doctor Improves Medication Use

    < Jan. 09, 2013 > -- Medication works best when it's taken properly. But many of us sometimes have trouble doing so. Maybe you're unsure about taking a certain drug with another prescription. Or perhaps you don't know how long you should keep popping that pill. A recent study suggests part of the problem may be how well you and your doctor are communicating.

  5. To Your Health! A Year-End List Worth Saving

    < Jan. 02, 2013 > -- Need help deciding on a New Year's resolution? Below are six more health stories from the past year that may encourage you to make a healthy change.

  6. To Your Health! A Year-End List Worth Saving

    < Dec. 26, 2012 > -- Humans seem to love lists-the top 10 Caribbean beaches, the five best coffee shops in your neighborhood, the interminable weekend to-do list. Here's another one to pique your interest: Below are some of the most compelling health stories of the year. Perhaps they will inspire you to live healthier this coming year.

  7. Stroke Risk Much Higher in African-Americans with Hypertension

    < Dec. 19, 2012 > -- Having high blood pressure puts you at risk for serious health problems, such as heart disease and stroke. For African-Americans, the condition can be especially hard on the heart. A new study finds that uncontrolled high blood pressure may greatly increase this group's risk for stroke, particularly in those ages 45 to 64.

  8. ADHD into Adulthood Raises Risk for Health Problems

    < Dec. 12, 2012 > -- Trouble concentrating, constantly moving, often interrupting others-these are some of the common signs of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This condition may affect more than 7 percent of school-aged children. For those who suffer from ADHD into adulthood, a new study finds they may be at a higher risk for physical and mental health problems.

  9. Shred Those Slopes Safely—with a Helmet

    < Dec. 05, 2012 > -- If falling snow has you yearning for the slopes, don't forget to take your helmet. A new study confirms that wearing one while skiing or snowboarding is the best way to protect yourself from a serious head injury. Such simple safety equipment may even save your life.

  10. Injuries Jump Along with Bounce House Popularity

    < Nov. 28, 2012 > -- They range in design from castles to desert islands to birthday cakes, but the object of these inflatables is the same: Give kids a fun place to bounce. Researchers caution, though, that too often children end up injured.

  11. Hearing Loss May Be Linked to Diabetes

    < Nov. 21, 2012 > -- Diabetes is a disease that can affect your whole body. It raises your risk for conditions such as heart disease, kidney failure, and blindness. A new research review supports the likelihood of another complication from the disease: hearing loss.

  12. Fast Before Cholesterol Test? Study Says No

    < Nov. 14, 2012 > -- The next time you need a routine blood test to check your cholesterol, you may not need to fast beforehand.

  13. Lifetime Risk for Heart Disease Is High

    < Nov. 07, 2012 > -- Even if you have no risk factors for cardiovascular disease, you may still be at increased risk for it, a new study says.

  14. Autism Signs Not Apparent in First Year

    < Oct. 31, 2012 > -- Infants who go on to develop autism by age 3 are remarkably similar to babies without autism in the first few months of life, a new study says.

  15. AAP Issues Safety Guidelines for Cheerleading

    < Oct. 24, 2012 > -- The number of injuries from cheerleading has increased steadily over the last 20 years, a trend that has prompted the American Academy of Pediatrics to urge that the activity be designated a sport.

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