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  1. Stressed-Out Women May Be More Sensitive to Sounds

    Day-to-day noises like rattling cutlery can seem ear-piercing, study finds

  2. Antibiotic Resistance Strikes $15 Billion Ornamental Fish Industry

    But the transmission of disease from fish to humans is rare, researchers said

  3. Defend Against Double-Dipping at Your Super Bowl Party

    Some creative ways to lower chances of germ-laden chips finding their way into shared dips

  4. Certain Skin Cancers More Common in HIV-Positive People

    Large study found higher rates of squamous cell, basal cell carcinomas

  5. Chips, Sodas Out, Healthier Fare In With New School Snack Rules

    USDA's proposals go beyond school meals to vending machines

  6. Energy Drinks Pose Risks to Teens, Study Finds

    Says highly caffeinated beverages can cause heart problems, especially when combined with alcohol

  7. Flu Still Widespread but Easing in Some States: CDC

    45 children have died from flu this season; seniors also especially vulnerable

  8. Health Highlights: Feb.1, 2013
    • Lawsuit Claims Zoloft Not Effective

    • Triaminic, Theraflu Cough/Cold Syrups Recalled Due to Safety Cap Problems

  9. Health Tip: How Your Feet Age

    Spreading is typical

  10. Health Tip: Troubled by a Toothache?

    Check for these signs of abscess

  11. Kids' Abdominal Injuries May Not Warrant CT Scan

    Assessing 7 factors in ER can limit unnecessary radiation exposure, researchers say

  12. Medical School Ethics Policies May Affect How Doctors Prescribe

    When drug company gift restrictions are taught, physicians shy away from newly marketed meds, study says

  13. Obama Administration Revises Controversial Contraception Mandate

    Move comes in response to religious groups that oppose birth control

  14. On Game Day, Sometimes Winning Isn't Everything

    Study finds fans love a close contest with clearly defined good guys and bad guys

  15. Program to Spot Painkiller ODs Saves Lives: Study

    Goal is to teach family, friends what to do when someone has taken too many pills

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