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Find out how much you know about scoliosis by taking this quiz, based on information from the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.

Most idiopathic scoliosis that occurs in children appears before age 10.
In most cases of scoliosis, doctors cannot determine the cause.
Marfan's syndrome and cerebral palsy are two diseases or conditions that can cause a fixed curve in the spine.
Spinal curves greater than 10 degrees require medical treatment.
The larger the curve in the spine, the more likely it will be to get worse.
Scoliosis patients with at least two years of growth remaining, and with a spinal curve of 20 to 29 degrees, will probably need to wear a brace.
Chiropractic manipulation is an effective alternative to bracing.
People with scoliosis should avoid exercise.
Fusion is one way to surgically treat scoliosis.

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