What Do You Know About Dietary Guidelines?

In 2005, the U.S. government replaced the Food Guide Pyramid, which had been used for more than a decade. The food pyramid, in turn, had replaced the Four Food Groups. Find out how much you know about the latest dietary guidelines and how they differ from the old food pyramid.

The Dietary Guidelines were developed to educate the American public about the food groups in a healthful diet. Which of these organizations developed the guidelines?
The Dietary Guidelines were designed to focus attention on which of these?
Most of your daily food should come from which one of these groups?
The amount of milk and other dairy products recommended is listed in cups in the Dietary Guidelines. Which of these equals one cup in the milk group?
How many cups of vegetables do the guidelines suggest per day?
Which of these represents one cup from the vegetable group?
Dry beans, eggs, and nuts are in which food group?
The amount of oil you are allowed each day depends on your age, gender, and amount of physical activity you get. Which of these foods is naturally high in oil?

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