What Do You Know About Mammograms?

Test your knowledge of what steps to take to catch breast cancer in the early stages.

To get a quality mammogram, make sure the facility has which of these?
Which of these should you bring with you if you go somewhere else for subsequent mammograms?
If you are at average risk for breast cancer, at what age should you have a baseline mammogram?
Which of these shouldn't you use on the day you go for a mammogram?
Although mammograms can identify tumors at a very early stage, the tumors may have been growing for how long by the time they show up on the X-ray?
Mammograms most often detect breast cancer in which age group?
What kind of diagnostic test is done if a screening mammogram shows an area that needs closer examination?
Digital mammography is computer-based. How does it compare with a standard X-ray mammogram?
How accurate are mammograms done on women over the age of 65?

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