What Do You Know About Food Safety?

Each year, millions of Americans become ill from foodborne illnesses and thousands die. To help prevent foodborne illness, you can take steps to ensure the safety of the food you eat. To learn more about food safety, take this quiz, based on information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

You should use soap to clean your fruits and vegetables before eating them.
Throw out potatoes that are green under the skin.
Tomatoes that are leaking should not be eaten.
Don't buy damaged containers at the grocery.
A product that has passed its "Best If Used By" date should be discarded because it is no longer safe to eat.
Food that is packaged "sous vide" doesn't need refrigeration.
When you buy hot foods, you should eat them within two hours.
If you don't eat all of your brown bag lunch, you should always pitch the leftovers when you get home from work or school.
Meat and poultry are more likely to be involved in outbreaks of foodborne illness than grains and vegetables because the bacteria that cause the illnesses grow in meat and poultry protein.
To kill any Salmonella enteritidis present on or inside a raw egg, fried eggs should be cooked 2 to 3 minutes on each side.

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