Do You Know How to Preserve Your Eyesight?

Can you harm your vision by sitting too close to the TV? Why is vitamin A good for your eyes? Who is at risk for cataracts? Find the answers by taking this quiz.

Which of these habits harms your vision?
Doctors advise people not to look directly at the sun. What is it about sunlight that damages eyes?
An insufficient amount of this vitamin can cause problems with night vision. Which one?
Safety experts recommend wearing safety goggles during which of these activities?
Which of these diseases is a major cause of blindness among older Americans?
Which of the following is true about glaucoma?
What causes cataracts?
AMD is the most common cause of vision impairment in Americans ages 60 and older. How does it affect eyesight?
Research shows people can reduce their risk of AMD and cataracts by eating which of these?
A seven-year study found people with AMD significantly reduced progression of the disease by taking which of these nutritional supplements?

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