What Do You Know About the Common Cold?

More than 200 viruses cause colds.
Frequent hand-washing can reduce your chances of getting a cold.
Frequently cleaning telephones, countertops, and faucets in your home when a family member has a cold can help keep the illness from spreading.
Wearing warm clothing, avoiding cold drafts, and not going outside with wet hair can keep you from catching a cold.
Over-the-counter cold/cough medications can cure a cold.
Keeping your fingers out of your eyes and nose can help keep you from getting a cold.
One-third of Americans catch a cold in the fall.
Chronic sleep deprivation may increase your chances of catching a cold.
Fever and headaches are common-cold symptoms.
It's better to blow your nose with a tissue than with a handkerchief.
Drinking lots of liquids can help you recover from a cold.
Daily exercise can help prevent a cold.
Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can make you feel worse when you have a cold.
Most colds can be self-treated at home.
Antibiotics can cure a cold.


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