Advanced Reading

  1. Gastric Cancer Treatment (PDQ®)
    Expert-reviewed information summary about the treatment of gastric cancer.
  2. Gastrointestinal Complications (PDQ®)
    Expert-reviewed information summary about constipation, impaction, bowel obstruction, and diarrhea as complications of cancer or its treatment. The management of these problems is discussed.
  3. Radiation Enteritis
    Expert-reviewed information summary about enteritis (inflammation of the large and small bowel) as a complication of radiation therapy to the abdomen, pelvis, or rectum. Assessment and management of acute and chronic radiation enteritis are discussed.
  4. Screening for Gastric Cancer
    Expert-reviewed information summary about tests used to detect or screen for gastric cancer.
  5. Stomach (Gastric) Cancer Prevention (PDQ®)
    Expert-reviewed information summary about factors that may influence the risk of developing stomach cancer and about research aimed at the prevention of this disease.
  6. Tumores carcinoides gastrointestinales: Tratamiento (PDQ®)

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