Appetite Loss and Taste Changes

  1. Appetite / Taste Changes and Chemotherapy

    Treatment for cancer, as well as the cancer itself, can affect your sense of taste or smell. You may find that many foods seem to have less taste. Other foods, especially meat or other high-protein foods, may taste bitter or metallic.

  2. Appetite Stimulation
  3. Enteral Feeding
  4. Nutritional Management of Loss of Appetite During Cancer Treatment

    Nausea, vomiting, or changes in food’s taste or smell all may contribute to a person's losing his or her appetite. Sometimes, the cancer treatment itself will make you feel like not eating.

  5. Nutritional Management of Taste Alterations During Cancer Treatment

    Try these ideas: Serve food chilled rather than hot. Try tart foods, such as oranges or lemonade, which may have more taste. A tart lemon custard might taste good and will also provide needed protein and calories.

  6. Parenteral Feeding
  7. Taste Changes

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