Dental and Oral Health

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  1. Adolescent Problems of the Teeth and Mouth

    Detailed information on adolescent problems of the teeth and mouth

  2. Anatomy and Development of the Mouth and Teeth

    Children's teeth begin developing in the fetus. Good nutrition from the mother during pregnancy is important in the development of the teeth.

  3. Aphthous Stomatitis

    Detailed information on aphthous stomatitis, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

  4. Brushing and Toothpaste for Children

    You should begin brushing your child's teeth around 24 months of age, or as directed by your child's doctor. Children will need help brushing their teeth until they are 7 to 8 years old.

  5. Cleft Lip / Cleft Palate

    Detailed information on craniofacial anomalies, including cleft lip and cleft palate

  6. Dental Emergencies

    One type of dental emergency is a knocked-out tooth. If it's a permanent tooth, rinse it and place it back in the socket. Then immediately take your child to the dentist.

  7. Dental Health Overview

    Generally, dental examinations and cleanings are recommended every six months for children. Encourage good oral hygiene at home by helping your child brush his or her own teeth.

  8. Dental Procedures for Children

    Detailed information on the most common dental procedures, including braces, bleaching, bridges, dentures, dental implants, fillings, root canal, sealants, and wisdom teeth extraction

  9. Fillings

    Teeth that have tooth decay must be repaired. Advances in dental materials and techniques provide new, effective ways to restore teeth.

  10. Flossing and Children

    Flossing should be started when your child is 2 to 3 years old, under the direction of your child's dentist. Children younger than 2 don't need to floss.

  11. Fluoride and Children

    Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay, strengthens tooth enamel, and reduces the harmful effects of plaque.

  12. Glossary - Dental and Oral Health

    Glossary of terms relating to oral health

  13. Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease

    Detailed information on hand-foot-mouth disease, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

  14. Herpangina

    Detailed information on herpangina, including causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment

  15. Herpes Simplex Virus / Cold Sores

    Detailed information on cold sores and herpes simplex virus 1

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