Make Time for Fitness

  1. Fitness Tips for Weekend Warriors

    Exercise is good for you. But by doing it intermittently, you run the risk of a sports injury.

  2. Making Decisions About Fitness

    First decide how you can make exercise a priority. One idea: Put your workout on the calendar just like any other appointment.

  3. Offbeat Ways to Eat Better, Exercise More

    To improve your eating habits and work more exercise into your schedule, consider these tips.

  4. Pedal Your Way to Work

    Trading your car for your bike for all or part of your commute can save you cash, increase your fitness and help the environment. You may be surprised at how easy it can be.

  5. Prime Times to Exercise

    Your exercise time can depend on everything from your work schedule to when your kids get up or go to bed.

  6. Working Out a Workout at Work

    The office may seem like an odd place to work out, but you spend most of your day there. Even short bursts of movement count.

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