Preventive Care

  1. 7 Ways to Avoid Colds and the Flu

    You don't want to spend this winter battling a runny nose, a nagging cough or a fever. Here's what to do.

  2. 8 Ways to Avoid Common Self-Care Mistakes

    Treating common illnesses at home isn't complicated. Even so, doing it safely requires knowledge and a willingness to follow the rules.

  3. Attention Men: Doctor Knows Best

    Men who think they're too "macho" to seek medical help could end up making more trips to the doctor's office in the long run.

  4. Debunking 10 Aging Myths

    Many older Americans lead healthy, interesting, and productive lives well into their later years. But that’s not what we usually hear about.

  5. Healthcare Guidelines For Men

    Use these guidelines as a reminder to take care of your personal health care needs, and also as a list of topics to discuss with your doctor.

  6. How to Assess Your Risk for Chronic Disease

    Here are ways to help you fine-tune your lifestyle to promote optimum health.

  7. Know Your Family's Health History

    To find out what your family risks are, ask people on both sides of your family. Start with your parents, siblings and children.

  8. Men Over 50 Need Annual Prostate Exam

    The best weapon against prostate cancer is catching it early.

  9. Men’s Health Essentials

    The leading causes of death for American men are heart disease and cancer—two diseases that can largely be prevented by adopting a few essential healthy habits.

  10. Older Adults and the Common Cold

    Cold and flu season is hard on everyone, but for older adults who may have chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, it’s especially challenging.

  11. Routine Vaccination Recommendations

    Specific vaccine recommendations vary depending on age, geographic location, and other risk factors.

  12. Special Vaccination Requirements

    Review your immunization history with your health care provider and be sure that children over the age of 2 are on schedule with their vaccine series.

  13. Why Real Men See the Doctor

    Waiting until you are ill before you see your health care provider can put your health in jeopardy.

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