Eating Healthy

  1. Diabetes and Alcohol

    Is it OK for people with diabetes to drink alcohol? This is something only you and your health care provider can answer.

  2. Don't Forget the Fiber in Your Low-Carb Diet
  3. Emotional Eating: How to Cope

    Emotional eating affects most everyone from time to time, but regularly letting your feelings guide your food intake can affect your health.

  4. Healthy Cooking Tips for Persons With Diabetes

    Steam vegetables in low-fat broth or water, and use vegetable oil spray instead of oil, shortening, or butter.

  5. Sodium and Persons With Diabetes

    People with diabetes are encouraged to limit the sodium in their diets to help prevent or to control high blood pressure.

  6. Success Secrets of Losing Weight

    The majority of dieters regain the weight they lose within five years. But they could avoid doing so by gradually changing their eating and exercise habits. Your approach to weight loss should be to make changes you can keep up for the rest of your life.

  7. Type 2 Diabetes and Food Choices

    Understanding how food affects blood glucose is the first step in managing diabetes. And following a diabetes meal plan can help keep you on track.

  8. With Diabetes and Insulin, Carbohydrates Count

    Carbohydrates are one of the three main parts of food; fats and proteins are the other two. All three components can affect your blood sugar level, but carbohydrates do so more quickly.

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