Women's Health

  1. Podcast: Beyond Bone Health: The Power of Vitamin D

    A simple glass of milk can do a lot for your health. Thanks to the "Got Milk" campaign, many women know that it packs a healthy punch of calcium and vitamin D – two nutrients critical for strong bones.

  2. Podcast: Respiratory Symptoms Wax and Wane with Period

    You're likely familiar with the changes your body goes through each menstrual cycle. Estrogen levels rise as your body prepares for ovulation. Then they fall before your period. This flux in hormones can trigger fatigue, breast tenderness, and other

  3. Podcast: Menopause Boosts Belly Fat, Study Says

    A common-held belief is that weight gain during menopause is inevitable. New research suggests otherwise. A recent review of available data on this life change found that menopause doesn’t cause weight gain. But it may move fat to your middle.

  4. Podcast: Early Menopause Affects Heart Disease Risk

    Women who go through menopause before age 46 may double their risk for heart disease and stroke, new research says.

  5. Podcast: Working Moms Say They Are Healthier

    Working full time seems to boost both mental and physical health for women who are mothers, compared with women who stay at home or work part time.

  6. Podcast: Mixed Reviews on Alcohol Use by Women

    Alcohol can be both a benefit and a danger to women, according to two recent studies. The key seems to be in knowing when it’s appropriate to drink and how much alcohol is considered safe.

  7. Podcast: Panel Nixes Supplements for Bone Health

    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) says that older women should not take low doses of calcium and vitamin D supplements to help prevent fractures. The panel is still weighing what to recommend on higher supplement doses.

  8. Podcast: Healthy Vaginal Bacteria Unique to Each Woman

    A healthy vagina depends on the right balance of microorganisms – but new research has found that this balance differs from woman to woman. This may help tailor treatment for vaginal infections.

  9. Podcast: Fewer Women Than Men Meet Exercise Goal

    U.S. women are less likely than their male counterparts to get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, the recommended minimum. This raises their odds for health problems like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity.

  10. Podcast: Too Few Women Seek Testing for Chlamydia

    Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the U.S., and one that can lead to infertility if it's not treated. Yet only about a third of sexually active young women are tested for it, the CDC says.

  11. Podcast: Smoggy Air Fogs the Brain

    Women who spend most of their life breathing air pollution are more likely to have a decline in mental functioning as they age, a new study says.

  12. Podcast: Sleep Apnea Affects Men, Women Equally

    Women with sleep apnea face an increased risk for heart problems, just as men with this condition do. But just as for men, women who are treated with CPAP appear to bring their risk down.

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