Ready, Set, Goal! Create a new you

Another calendar, another year—and that means a fresh start on achieving the goals that are most important to you. This time around, set yourself up for success with well-thought-out goals and a realistic action plan. Here’s how:

  • Look inward. Set personal goals that truly matter to you. You should be making changes to please yourself, not someone else.

  • Think small. Break down large, difficult goals into smaller ones that are easier to keep. For example, if you’ve been inactive but want to get fit, start by vowing to take a brisk, 10-minute walk three days per week.

  • Be realistic. Minor slip-ups are part of the process. Let’s say you resolved to eat a piece of fruit every day at lunch, but skipped Monday and Tuesday. Don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track Wednesday.

  • Make it fun. For example: To eat healthier, try one nutritious, new-to-you food each week. To reduce stress, meet a friend for coffee every Thursday.

  • Keep track. Each time you meet a daily goal, circle the date on this calendar. Seeing tangible evidence of your progress is a great motivator.
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