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December 2014 - Update #1

Institutional Review Board Committee News

1. IRB – New MLH IRB Dashboard Information

Updated to provide current IRB efforts and a summary of IRB review times by type of review (full vs. expedited) benchmarked against data supplied to the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP) in 2013.

The Dashboard is located here.  

2. IRB – MLH IRB Review Fee Structure has been revised

The MLH IRB review fee schedule has been updated.  The fee scheduled is located here.

3.  IRB – Procedures for Use of a Central IRB

Requirements to request the use of a Central IRB as well as a flow chart for the steps involved are available.  Generally, Central IRB review may apply to Industry Sponsored Multicenter Trials.

Guide information is located here and Form information can be found here.

4.  IRB – Coming Soon - Updated IRB Policy and Procedure Manual

The MLH IRB Policy and Procedure Manual has been revised to reflect current procedures and remove policies no longer in use.  In addition, several policies have been added.  This is the first major since 2001. 

A formal notice will be sent to Investigators and Research Staff when the manual is available.  Check Back Soon!

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