Diabetes Research

DiabetesResearch2Diabetes and related insulin resistance are growing rapidly in the industrialized world. LIMR researchers are examining whether certain experimental drugs, initially developed for use in cancer patients, might be useful for the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes is a growing problem in the United States where over 23 million, or eight percent of the population, have the disease, with that number growing by more than two million every year. In addition to the disease itself, there are many secondary issues that diabetics face, such as general metabolic decline, vascular disease, and organ failure. At LIMR we are addressing this problem in two ways: working collaboratively with a biotechnology company, CureDM, Inc., to help find a new treatment that may prevent, improve, or reverse diabetes; and examining important genetic factors that might be involved in diabetes.

LIMR Faculty Involved in Diabetes Research

Lisa D. Laury-Kleintop, PhD – pancreatic islet cells, atherosclerosis, negative tissue remodeling, statins, cardiomyopathy

Melvin Reichman, PhD (LIMR Chemical Genomics Center) – drug discovery, high throughput screening, molecular pharmacology, chemical diversity, diabetes complications

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