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The Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR) has adopted a mandatory initial and ongoing educational training program for all personnel involved in animal care and use.  The program includes individual training with the Principal Investigator (PI), an online training course, video material, manual review, attendance at an annual in-service session and training with the veterinarian (as needed).

1. LIMR offers an online training program through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) for research involving the use of animals.  LIMR is one of over 800 institutions participating in the program.  There are several groups to choose from as outlined below.

Working with the IACUC  required for all research personnel who use laboratory animals.

Species-Specific Courses - required for all researchers.  These courses must be selected depending on your specific research area (e.g., mice, hamsters, dogs) and completed. 

Essentials for IACUC Members - required for all IACUC members and staff.

Please follow this link to register for CITI educational program: www.citiprogram.org

Print a copy of the completion report for your records. You will not receive a certification from LIMR.

Registration assistance for first time CITI users 

Research personnel at LIMR are required to take Working with the IACUC and appropriate species-specific courses. The BASIC training courses are valid for 3 years. Once 3 years have passed, you are required to re-certify by taking a REFRESHER Course that corresponds with the appropriate Group listed above. Please note that the REFRESHER. Courses are for those who wish to continue research upon expiration of the three-year certification period. Refresher courses are also valid for 3 years.

2. Training CD on Rodent Survival Surgery is required for those performing this type of procedure. It is available in the Office of Research Affairs, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, Suite G-44.   

3. A mandatory in-service is scheduled once each year for all animal handlers.  PIs will receive notification of the schedule to be distributed to all personnel within their laboratory. 

4. The LIMR Animal Care Policies and Procedures Manual, Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, the Animal Welfare Act, and the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals are required reading for specific research roles. For more information on the types of roles and training requirements, refer to the IACUC Training Requirement.

The IACUC requires all individuals listed on the protocol to complete and remain current with the training requirements before approval will be granted.

Please contact the Office of Research Affairs if you need assistance.

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