Planned Gifts

PlannedGiftsPlanned gifts allow you to make a significant gift while maintaining financial security for you and your family. These can include:


Bequests are charitable gifts made in your will and can be designated either as unrestricted or designated for a specific purpose.

Retirement Plan Designations/Life Insurance

A donor can make a gift by naming LIMR as the beneficiary of his or her retirement plan or life insurance policy.


A gift annuity is an option that provides guaranteed fixed income for the donor's lifetime and/or for the lifetime of another beneficiary.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust generates income for the donor that is fixed or that fluctuates with market conditions and the growth of the trust. Income may continue through the donor's lifetime or for a set term and benefit LIMR upon death.

Charitable Lead Trusts

A charitable lead trust is for a donor who would like to give to LIMR but also wants to provide for family members. LIMR would receive income interest for a period of years or for a period of someone's lifetime, after that time the trust reverts to the donor or the donor's beneficiaries.

These gifts often provide attractive tax advantages and other financial benefits. For more information consult your attorney or contact us.


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