Special Funds

At LIMR, individuals, corporation, or foundations will often establish a fund to support a particular research endeavor or to honor the memory of a loved one. These funds, which are named by the donor, require a minimum donation of $25,000. We will discuss with you what your options are and draft an agreement to ensure that all your wishes are understood and included. You can also contribute to an existing fund that is already established at LIMR. Examples of these include:

  • SpecialFundsThe LIMR Diabetes Research Fund for the Cure to provide support for funding LIMR scientists as they generate new approaches to cure diabetes.
  • LIMR Training and Educational Research Programs to support summer interns, graduate students, medical residents and fellows, and other educational programming.
  • The FRIDA (The Foundation for Research Into Diseases of Aging) Fund, created in memory of Drs. Vincent Cristofalo and William B. Abrams, both of whom focused their careers on an improved understanding of diseases associated with aging.


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