Grant Awards

Lankenau Institute researchers compete for grants nationally and locally from federal and state funding agencies such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as well as through private and family foundations. The grants listed below represent some of the funding that has been awarded to our investigators.

Funding Agency


Principal Investigator

Project Period

Grant Award

IDO2 Targeting for
Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
G. Prendergast 09/11 - 08/12 $401,141
Susan G. Komen
for The Cure

Immune-Based Suppression
of Breast Cancer Metastasis
by Targeting IDO
A. Muller 08/11 - 08/14 $599,774
IDO Inhibitors for
Combinatorial Cancer Therapy
G. Prendergast 08/11 - 05/16 $1,278,315
Human Monoclonal Antibodies
that Bind Botulinum Toxins 
S. Dessain 02/11 - 01/15 $1,956,691

IDO Pathways in Inflammatory
Pathogenesis and Treatment
of Rheumatoid Arthritis

L. Mandik-Nayak 07/10 - 04/15 $1,796,850


Targeting Nanoparticle DNA
Therapy for Ovarian Cancer

J. Sawicki

2/08 - 12/12



Polyamines and
Epithelial Tumorigenesis


S. Gilmour


12/06 -7/12


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