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Graduate Student2The purpose of the PCOM/LIMR Graduate Assistantship Program is to allow MS students accepted into the Research Track degree candidacy in the PCOM Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences to conduct their thesis research with a mentor from LIMR. These students will be Research Assistants at LIMR, and will conduct their thesis research at a LIMR Laboratory. Students must meet all degree requirements, as detailed in the PCOM Graduate Handbook. The thesis research portion of the student’s degree will be on average a period of 18 months in a LIMR laboratory, during which time the student will work full time on his/her thesis project. The thesis research culminates in preparation and defense of a written thesis.

Students in this program will:

  • Conduct hands-on research related to the interests of the host lab and under the supervision of the Program Mentor.
  • Work in the laboratory during regular working hours and at other times as required to accomplish the research.
  • Master technical skills required of the project, and eventually contribute to the design of experiments, analysis of data, and the preparation of manuscripts and reports related to the research.

Research Assistants may work with any of the members of the LIMR resident faculty. Visit our faculty pages to learn more about their individual research programs.


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