Program Enhancements

Any of the services listed below can be added to your chosen basic package of employee assistance program services:

  1. Work/Life Services – Online or Telephonic
  2. Health Advocacy and Referral Services
  3. DOT/SAP
  4. Fitness for Duty Psychiatric Evaluations
  5. Organizational Effectiveness and Management Development
  6. Printed Newsletter
  7. NurseLine

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1. Work/Life Services

Online Work/Life Resources

Access to our self-service web locator for childcare and eldercare resources is available only to employees of companies and organizations who have selected this option. A password is required. Check with your employer or call 1.800.382.2377 for your password.

  • Family/Caregiving ModuleA collection of web-based resources for managing the care and education of family members. Child/eldercare locator databases, support articles, resource links and interactive tools.
  • Assisted SearchesSome plans include an option that allows you to request, via the web, information on child/eldercare resources.
  • Direct AssistEnlists "chat technology" to allow you to communicate directly with a counselor specializing in child or eldercare, via the web.

Personalized Telephonic Work/Life Resource Services

Telephonic consultation, research and referral for employees and family members for covered services including:

  • Child CareChild Care Centers, Family Day Care Homes, Nanny/Au Pair Agencies, Before and After School Care, Summer Camps
  • AdoptionInternational Adoption, Adoption Attorneys, Surrogacy
  • EducationPublic and Private Schools, Tutors, Exam Preparation, Colleges and Universities
  • Elder CareSenior Housing, Home Care and Adult Day Care, Retirement Communities, Hospice, Alzheimer's/Dementia
  • Daily LivingPet-sitting, Personal Support Services, Relocation, Consumer purchases
  • WellnessFitness Centers, Diet and Nutrition Counseling, Smoking Cessation

2. Health Advocacy & Referral Services

This program allows employees and their family members access to a Personal Health Advocate who serves as a liaison for clients to health care providers, insurance plans and other health related community resources.

This benefit offers a broad menu of services including:

  • Assistance locating physicians, specialists, hospitals, dentists and related health care providers including Alternative Medicine Services
  • Assistance with locating English-speaking physicians in foreign countries
  • Assist with appointments, transportation services, medical record transfers, expert second opinions
  • Assistance with coverage issues, claims assistance, fee negotiation, Grievances and Appeals Hearings
  • Prescription advocacy
  • Guidance and support during serious illnesses or when recovering from major injuries

3. Department of Transportation/Substance Abuse Professional Services

FIRSTCALL Employee Assistance Program will help companies and organizations stay in compliance with the Department of Transportation regulations regarding employer/manager training and SAP services to a DOT-regulated employee who has a positive alcohol/drug test. For more information, call 484.337.4411 or Email the Director of Business Development.

4. Fitness For Duty

There may be times when an employee's mental health may prevent him/her from safely performing his/her duties. We can help to arrange a Fitness for Duty evaluation with one of our approved psychiatrists to determine that an employee can continue in or return to his/her position. For more information, call 484.337.4411 or Email the Director of Business Development.

5. Organizational Effectiveness and Management Development

FIRSTCALL wants to help you develop motivated leaders who inspire others and who maximize the performance potential of your valued employees. We also want to proactively assist our customers in having effective, productive workgroups. To these ends, we offer the following:

  • Leadership Development: We provide executive coaching and management effectiveness training to benefit senior level management.
  • Team Building: Teams get derailed due to changes in leadership, new directives, personnel change and employee conflict. Our experts help teams stay productive, develop internal and interdepartmental positive working relationships and develop positive adapting skills.
  • Human Resources: Policy and program development is critical for the successful mission of any organization. Through Needs Assessments, Focus Groups, Employee Development Programs, Performance Management and Succession Planning, we support Human Resource departments to ensure positive and equitable employee relations.
  • Selection Decisions: We provide pre-employment evaluation of executives to enable organizations to make informed and successful placement decisions. These evaluations and assessments guide the organization to a "best fit" in their selection.
  • Organizational Dynamics: We recommend strategies for maximizing human capital in executing business objectives by performing an organizational audit with data collection, an assessment of the values, attitudes among the human capital and by examining critical practices.

For more information, call 484.337.4411 or Email the Director of Business Development.

6. Employee Assistance Program Newsletter

For organizations whose employee population is unlikely to utilize our web site for access to health and wellness information, The quarterly FIRSTCALL newsletter is easy-to-read and offers articles and tips on such topics as communication, parenting and stress.

7. NurseLine

24/7 toll-free access to a registered nurse

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