Options for Customizing Your EAP Plan

Employers have the opportunity to customize their core package of Employee Assistance Program services as well as to choose from a menu of program enhancement services.

The Core Program Options include:

  • Counseling Sessions: Employers select the maximum number of counseling sessions per presenting problem.
  • On-Site Services: We will provide on-site management consultations, work-group interventions, and conflict mediation at the direction of the employer.
  • Choice of Seminars & Targeted Training Seminars: We include a number of free on-site seminars as a part of each core program. Employers can increase the number of seminars offered for a nominal fee.
  • Program Promotion: Along with brochures and posters, FIRSTCALL will provide copy for payroll stuffers, articles for employee newsletters, and pdf files for company intranet sites to advertise the Employee Assistance Program services.

In addition, employers may elect add-on options from our Menu of Enhanced Services. 

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