Sample EAP Issues

Personal problems can easily become personnel problems. An Employee Assistance Program helps employees and their family members sort out the difficulties that may be causing them trouble in the workplace. The quotes below are from employees who have consulted our EAP for assistance:

"We just broke up. I can’t sleep, eat, concentrate… I just can’t turn off my thinking… wondering what went wrong. I hate waking up in the morning knowing I have to face another day. I need help so I can move-on”

“School will be ending soon and I need to make summertime arrangements for my kids. I have to call these camps while I’m at work since they don’t work evenings.”

“I have to leave work early because my child is ill and I may be home a few days since I’m the only one that can take care of him.”

“My kids are driving me nuts. I have to call them every half hour when they’re home from school to keep them from killing each other.”

“I’m stressed out… I’m tired, I have to work overtime to get this project done, my house is a mess, I can’t get to the grocery store so we’re eating pizza 3 times a week and my husband doesn’t help at all.”

“My mother is sick and needs help at home. I’m going to have to work less hours so I can take care of her.”

“One of the people in our work-group isn’t pulling their weight and so the rest of us have to work harder to make up for that person.”

“The supervisor is “out to get me” and I’m sick of it. I’m looking for another job.”

“How much drinking is too much? I think my spouse is drinking too much? She’s also missing a lot of work lately."

“I think my teenager is using drugs. What should I do?”

“I can’t answer the phone at home because bill collectors are hounding me. I don’t know what my spouse is spending our money on but it’s all gone.”

“I have an employee that’s driving me crazy. I like him and he does a good job but he’s late a couple times a week and is always in my office complaining. I know he needs the job because he supports four kids but I’m ready to fire him anyway.”

“I’m so upset about the terrorist attacks. I can’t sleep, sometimes I just start crying when I see a picture or news story about the attack. Will I ever get over this?”

“My mother has diabetes and needs me to help her with her shots. I have to come to work 1 hour later than I’m scheduled.”

“My ex-wife wants to change our custody agreement. This is going to cost me more money because now I’ll have to hire a lawyer again.”

“Sometimes I feel so lonely that I just sit down and cry.”

“My father died last month and I miss him so much. I can’t sleep very well.”

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