Melvin Reichman, PhD

Photo of Melvin Reichman


Phone: 484.476.8230

Office: R142

Department: LIMR Chemical Genomics Center

Association: Resident Faculty

Other Appointments: Sr. Investigator; Chief Scientific Officer, Small Molecule Therapeutics

Selected Publications:

 1.     Cheng N, Lee SK, Donover PS, Reichman M, Schiffer CA, Hull-Ryde EA, Swanstrom R, Janzen WP. Development of a Novel Screening Strategy Designed to Discover a New Class of HIV Drugs. J Lab Autom. 19(3):297-303, 2013.

2.     Malecka KA, Fera D, Schultz DC, Hodawadekar S, Reichman M, Donover PS, Murphy ME, Marmorstein R. Identification and characterization of small molecule human papillomavirus E6 inhibitors. ACS Chem Biol.  9(7): 1603–1612, 2014.

3.     Bravo-Nuevo A, Marcy A, Huang M, Kappler F, Mulgrew J, Laury-Kleintop L, Reichman M, Tobia A, Prendergast GC. Meglumine Exerts Protective Effects against Features of Metabolic Syndrome and Type II Diabetes. PLoS One. 9(2):e90031, 2014.

4.     Simpson PB, Reichman M. Opening the lead generation toolbox. Nat Rev Drug Discov. 13(1):3-4, 2014.

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