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Class Title: New Horizons Healthy Outlook - Lankenau Medical Center
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Seeing Clearly
Common conditions of the aging eye

Do you find yourself holding the newspaper farther away than you used to? It’s a common change as we age. But some eye diseases have no early signs or symptoms. Eye problems also can be caused by diabetes and high blood pressure. Open your eyes to common eye problems like nearsightedness, cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration and steps you can take to preserve your vision as you age.

Audience: anyone concerned about vision problems.

Presenter: Keith Mathers, MD
Ophthalmology, Lankenau Medical Center, Main Line Health

The New Horizons Senior Health Center welcomes older men and women from throughout the Main Line area who are interested in making new friends, going to interesting places, and participating in a host of activities to keep older adults feeling young, active, fulfilled, productive, and proud.


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