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Class Title: Lower Limb Amputation Rehab - Bryn Mawr Rehab
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Caring for a person with a lower limb amputation requires the full continuum of care-from amputation to the fitting of a permanent prosthesis to achieving maximum functional capability. With recent prosthetic technology advancements, persons with lower limb amputations are reaching higher levels of functional capabilities. At each step of the rehabilitation process, distinct intervention strategies are implemented to ensure the patient progresses along the full continuum that leads to the optimal outcome of achieving functional independence. As healthcare providers, it is imperative to maintain current knowledge of prosthetic componentry. The purpose of this presentation is to educate case managers, nurses and other healthcare providers about the goals and components of an interdisciplinary amputee program as well as to review current prosthetic technology.

    At the end of the program, the learner will be able to:
  • discuss the scope of services and therapeutic interventions offered at an acute inpatient rehabilitation, home care, outpatient services, prosthetic care and community support services
  • identify equipment needed to facilitate an individual’s progression along the continuum of care
  • compare and contrast the different intervention strategies utilized along the continuum of care to achieve functional independence in persons with amputations
  • identify Medicare K level classification of lower limb prosthetic componentry and discussion decision-making related to prosthetic prescription
  • describe the functional capabilities of non-microprocessor, microprocessor, and bionic prosthetics.

Program Length: 2 hours CEU credits for Case Managers and Social Workers

Program Agenda:
8:30-8:40am: Identification of Services
8:40-8:55am: Stages of Rehabilitation
8:55-9:10am: Rehabilitation Strategies
9:10-9:20am: Functional Outcomes
9:20-9:35am: Medicare Functional Classification Levels
9:35-10:05am: Prosthetic Feet
9:55-10:20am: Prosthetic Knees
10:20-10:30am : Questions and Answers


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