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Class Title: New Horizons Healthy Outlook - Lankenau Medical Center
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Alzheimer’s, Depression or Both? The right diagnosis can bring a better outlook for each

Presenter: Firas Saidi, MD, Internal Medicine & Geriatrics, Medical Director TCC

Do you know someone who has lost interest in favorite hobbies or withdrawn from social activities? These symptoms, along with memory problems, impaired concentration and changes in sleep patterns, can be signs of depression or Alzheimer’s disease. While they often occur together, it is important to distinguish between the two in order to determine the most effective treatment - and improve quality of life.

The New Horizons Senior Health Center welcomes older men and women from throughout the Main Line area who are interested in making new friends, going to interesting places, and participating in a host of activities to keep older adults feeling young, active, fulfilled, productive, and proud..


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