Class Title: Bariatric Surgery Support Group - Health Center: Newtown Square
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Find someone to share the successes and problems of your experience, someone who is supportive and can help you get through the hard times.

Try to attend the support group regularly. Our support group is run by the surgeon of the Bariatric Center at Bryn Mawr Hospital and all patients are expected to actively participate and attend regularly. Patients who belong to a support group are most likely to succeed in their weight loss regimen and maintain their weight loss long-term.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions directly from a patient who has undergone surgery

  • January 27th | Body Contouring | Dr. Veitia
  • February 24th | Stress Management | Dr. O'Halloran
  • March 24th | Energizing your exercise and fitness bands | Julie Caldwell, P.T.
  • April 28th | Clothing Swap | Michele Radaszewski, R.N.
  • May 19th | Getting ready for summer and food label hidden ingredients | Christine Hurley, R.D.
  • June 16th | Cognitive Restructuring: talking back to negative thoughts | Dr. O'Halloran
  • July 21st | Problem solving | Dr. Halloran
  • August 18th | Successful weight loss management | Dr. O'Halloran
  • September 29th | Relationships after surgery | Dr. O'Halloran
  • October 20th | Body Image | Dr. O'Halloran
  • November 17th | Surviving the holidays | Stacey Weatherbee, R.D.
  • December 15th | Holiday Gathering

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