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Class Title: Prepared Childbirth Series - Paoli Hospital
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This three-week class is offered to couples expecting their first baby or couples who have never attended childbirth classes. Classes focus on both the physical and emotional aspects of labor and delivery, with emphasis on breathing and relaxation techniques. The instructor will discuss: the natural progression of labor and delivery; coping strategies for labor, including medication and anesthesia options; the role of support person; and the possibility of cesarean birth. Since the Paoli Hospital Prepared Childbirth 3 week series and One Day classes do not include a hospital tour, please register for a separate tour of Paoli Hospital’s Family Centered Maternity Unit.

Class size is limited so please register early. Please bring (2) pillows with you. When registering, please use the mother's name only and date of birth. One (1) registry per couple.


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